Business Formation

Legal Requirements
Whether you are purchasing real estate or a business or starting your own business from scratch, you will need an attorney to assist in some important initial decisions and to prepare the paperwork to get you going.

Starting A Business
In starting your business, there are a number of considerations beyond the relatively mechanical formation requirements. It may be necessary to have a Shareholders Agreement or LLC Agreement establishing the rights and obligations of owners. You may want to ensure owners who also provide services cannot compete with the entity at a later date. You may also want to to establish buy-out procedures and values if an owner, dies, becomes disabled, or decides to leave the company.

Drafting Company Agreements
We use our library of forms to assist with Shareholder and Limited Liability Company Agreements, and we make sure that we thoroughly evaluate your goals before drafting an agreement. All too often we find that clients are eventually surprised by the content of an agreement and wind up in litigation. We hope to minimize this possibility.

Securities Compliance
If you are raising money or bringing in outside investors, you are likely subject to compliance with State and Federal Securities Laws. Our lawyers are experienced in assisting clients with private securities offerings to investors.

Corporate Compliance Services
We also maintain corporate books and stock records and provide corporate compliance services to assure compliance with New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware and other State incorporation statutes. Corporate books remain available for easy access by our clients for important transactions such as bank loans and audits.

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